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Info And Specials

Botox pricing varies between $10-$12/unit depending upon number or areas treated.


Soft Tissue Fillers ………$100 off with minimum purchase of 2 syringes.


Breast Augmentation—Silicone is $5100; Saline is $4300.


Breast Lift varies with severity of your shape. Consult required.


Blepharoplasty (upper eyelids/local anesthesia) is $4400.


Facial IPL (removes the sunspots from your face in three treatments) is $1750.


Erbium Fractional Laser rejuvenation of the face (three treatments) is $1750.


Sapphire Laser Package (three facial-neck Radiofrequency-Micro-needling treatments & three facial PICOSURE treatments) is $2850.


Laser Hair Removal (Underarms, package of six treatments is $1000).


TempSure ENVY (Radio-frequency tightening of facial and body skin)

Package of four treatments is $1650.


‘Torn earlobe’ repairs are $450/side. Two sides are $750. (Includes complimentary re-piercing).


Call the Office for more details.