At the very top of our facial features, the brows and forehead show the world how alert, interested, and engaged we are with the world and the people around us. They say a lot about whether we are open and receptive to conversation, interaction, and relationship. In a way, the brows set the theme for how interesting we appear to other people because they suggest how interested we are in other people.

Gravity eventually wins, as our skin becomes less resilient and the supporting tissues get thinner with age, causing the eyebrows to sit lower over the eyes, or even to droop or sag. Your face’s response to life can also create furrows or creases in the forehead and brow that look sad or angry, even when you are not at all conscious of it. Making a change in that look can give a more rested, alert, and receptive look to many people, and the surgical solution can be as natural looking as a good night’s sleep.

A Surgical Solution That’s Often Invisible

Two techniques can combine to make a surgical brow lift look completely natural. Incisions placed along or above the hairline are often part of this approach. Endoscopic technique is the other.

Using an endoscope, which is a tiny surgical camera, your board-certified plastic surgeon can make incisions that are almost impossible to see. Healing also can go more smoothly because of the minimal disruption of the skin’s surface.

Individual Answers

Men and women age differently, and each individual calls for a unique placement of incisions. Often a brow lift is most effective when excess skin and fat are simply removed.

Because the face can’t be viewed part by part, a brow lift is, for many people, one element in an overall approach that might also include tightening the skin of the upper eyelid and helping the contour of the cheeks with other elements of a facelift. Lowering the hairline can produce a more harmonious proportion for some persons, even as a brow lift is considered initially. An experienced, board-certified cosmetic and plastic surgeon can advise you as you discuss your own situation and goals.

Non-Surgical Options

In certain cases, non-surgical options for lifting the brow may be considered. Injectables such as Botox and Juvéderm can relieve creases in the area that accentuate a sagging brow. Techniques such as these do not produce results that look as definitive as a surgical brow lift, or last as long, but they may be part of a worthwhile discussion with your plastic surgeon.

And that’s the best starting point for any anti-aging initiative. Your talk with an experienced, board-certified cosmetic and plastic surgeon assures you of hearing about the choices that may make sense for you, without limitation or bias.

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