Over the last decade, plastic surgery has become increasingly popular, with many considering it as a way to enhance their beauty and increase their self-esteem. However, opting for plastic surgery is a serious decision that requires a qualified professional to perform the procedure. Choosing the right plastic surgeon can be a daunting task, and there are several factors to consider before entrusting your appearance and safety to one. One of the most important factors is board certification, and it’s more important than you might think.

A Demonstration of Professionalism and Expertise

Being board-certified implies that the plastic surgeon has completed rigorous educational and training requirements and has demonstrated a high level of expertise in their specialty. Board-certified plastic surgeons have acquired skills and knowledge, which they have to keep updated through continuous professional development, to provide patients with standard care and high-quality service. Board certification shows that the surgeon is committed to providing the best possible outcomes and is willing to maintain a high level of expertise to achieve it.

It’s About Safety and Trustworthiness

Board certification creates an environment of professionalism, safety, and trustworthiness for patients. It sends a message that the plastic surgeon has met rigorous training requirements and standards to deliver excellent patient outcomes. Patients can be confident that their plastic surgeon has the necessary training, skills, and experience to deliver a safe and successful result. Patients should also verify that their plastic surgeon is appropriately licensed and insured to practice in their state or country.

A Higher Level of Ethics

Board-certified plastic surgeons are bound to ethical standards. A board-certified plastic surgeon who veers from the accepted standards of practice and causes harm can be disciplined, lose their certification, and face legal action. In short, board certification protects patients against fraudulent practitioners.

Provides Verification of Competency

Board certification is an indication of a plastic surgeon’s competency to practice all aspects of plastic surgery, including reconstructive surgery and cosmetic surgery. A board-certified plastic surgeon is equipped to handle nearly all plastic surgeries, including complex cases. This aspect is particularly crucial in the context of a rapidly advancing and growing field such as plastic surgery.

Facilitates Better Communication

Certification by a professional board also helps facilitate better communication, understanding, and cooperation between the doctor and patient. Board certification enables a surgeon to explain their specialty, qualifications, and approach, which helps patients understand what to expect during the process. Board certification also helps doctors understand their patient’s expectations and concerns, providing the patient with a more fulfilling and satisfying experience.

Choosing a plastic surgeon is a significant decision that requires careful consideration. Board certification is one of the essential factors you should consider when selecting a plastic surgeon. It guarantees that the surgeon is qualified, competent, and experienced. It also ensures that the doctor is interested in maintaining their knowledge and skills, providing high-quality service, and maintaining a professional approach.

Do not be afraid to validate the credentials, expertise, and approach of any plastic surgeon you speak with. Board certification is one dimension to look at and continually consider when selecting a plastic surgeon. Finally, Dr. Marc Wetherington is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and is a member of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. He is also a former president of the Georgia Society of Plastic Surgeons.